Conference Final Predictions

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Conference Final Predictions

Going 2-2 in the last round is somewhat disappointing, especially after going 1-2 in game 7’s. 3-1 or 4-0 records were legitimate possibilities, but for the sake of this country I’m glad I was wrong in the Boston/Montreal series. As a life-long Maple Leafs fan it’s heretical to cheer for Montreal, but if you’re not on the Carey Price/PK Subban bandwagon by now you’re not a hockey fan.

I’ve tried to be objective in my decision-making thus far and it’s led to a respectable 6-4 record after two rounds, but I warn you now that my choices are going to be tainted with a bias towards what I want to see…

Conference Final Predictions

Eastern Conference Final

Montreal v Rangers

As a gambler this series smells like a trap. Its reminiscent of the action which followed the Peyton Manning led Denver Broncos in this past years Superbowl. Emotion got in the way of the majority of gamblers that day and sure enough more money was lost than won. Everyone in Canada wants to see Montreal in the final and assuredly the betting public will lean towards Les Habitant. I will follow this trend only because I want to see it more than I believe in it. I wouldn’t bet real money on this series I would just sit back and enjoy and like any true Canadian hockey fan hope Montreal finds a way to get into the final. The Rangers are veteran laden, with the “King”, Henrik Lundqvist, in goal and have been among the top teams in the East for years and could finally be ready to make that leap to the finals. The Canadiens are a young team coming off an emotional 7 game series against Boston and they may be in for a let-down versus the Rangers. Nonetheless, I love the way Carey Price is playing and I’m sticking with my heart in this series, but if you’re a gambler you should be wary about putting money where your heart is…


Montreal wins in 7

Western Conference Final

Chicago v Los Angeles

I think Chicago is the best team in hockey. Period. They have so much depth and skill in all key positions and they just seem to be a step ahead of everyone they play. They also have an X factor in Jonathon Toews who has become the Mark Messier of this generation – a great clutch player who rises to the occasion like no other. They will likely win this series and the Stanley Cup; however, I’m making a gut call and picking Los Angeles. The Kings are the only team that can match the Blackhawks size depth and skill and they have one of the top goalies in the game in Jonathon Quick. Admittedly, I’m also picking the Kings because I want to see a rematch of 1993 final – which was the last time a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup. I warn you that my reasoning for my conference final picks is not rational and should be viewed as a fans preference. If I were to be completely objective I would pick New York and Chicago, but like many of you I would like to see Montreal in a rematch with LA in the Stanley Cup final. It’s the antithesis of how a gambler should make decisions, but on occasion one has to have a leap of faith. Price versus Kopitar might not have the same allure as Gretzky versus Roy, but I think it would be a great series for hockey fans on both sides of the border, coast to coast.


Los Angeles wins in 7

Second Round Picks 2-2

First Round Picks 5-3

Total 6-4



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